Thoroughly enjoy winter in Nagano by taking advantage of the Nagano Prefecture Travel Campaign!

As a result of Typhoon Hagibis's great impact on the transportation network in and out of the prefecture, Nagano was unable to welcome many guests who had been looking forward to an autumn trip. To help promote a quick recovery in tourism in the region, the prefecture is offering a promotion to split the cost of


accommodation, up to 5,000 yen per person per night, for travelers staying in Nagano!

Enjoy a winter holiday in Nagano and help revitalize the prefecture!

What is the Nagano Prefecture Travel Campaign?

Nagano Prefecture will support your trip to Nagano with a travel discount!

You can save up to

5,000 yen

 PER person PER night!

Discount Value

(per person per night)

*This promotion is not available for accommodation products for business purposes or for package tours.

*This promotion is valid for stays between December 17, 2019 and March 14, 2020

 (excluding dates between December 28, 2019 and January 4, 2020).

*For travelers living overseas, the maximum discount will be 50,000 yen per person per trip.

*For travelers living within Japan, the maximum discount will be 15,000 yen per person per trip.

How to Apply for the Nagano

Prefecture Travel Campaign

Online reservations

Travel agencies

You can apply through online reservations or direct contact with a travel agency!

Merchandise Selection

We'll peridoically update the Nagano Prefecture Travel Campaign merchandise!


Accomodation Booking Service "Relux"

The Six Regions of Nagano



From the temple town Monzen of Zenkoji Temple to the town of Obuse. Northern Nagano is an area packed with history and culture, drawing people to the dynamic nature that can only be found here.

Japan Alps


Seeking the blessings brought by the mountains, we head to the Japan Alps area. Enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in the idyllic countryside at the base of the mountains. Surrounded by nature, relax your body and mind, and enjoy a luxurious trip.



Eastern Nagano, characterized by its expansive fields of grain that follow the course of the Chikuma River,  is known for  the area of Karuizawa, which has a long history as a highland resort. With many days of clear weather each year, it is an area abundant with local products such as vegetables and wine.



Home to Suwa Taisha Shrine, the venerable Suwa Area radiates history and culture. Head further afield to reach the highlands of Kirigamine, Central Yatsugatake and Fujimi and enjoy the expansive nature around you.

The Kiso


Drawing attention as Nagano Prefecture's first Japan Heritage site, the Kiso Valley is a living, breathing example of our predecessors' ingenuity and culture. The eleven post towns of the Nakasendo Road that are found in the Kiso Valley are a time capsule of the Edo Period. Set foot in Kiso and head on a journey to the unknown.



Take ropeways to lofty heights where alpine plants sway in the mountain breeze and enjoy the majestic scenery of the Central and Southern Alps. Awe-inspiring scenery of the great outdoors awaits you.

Enjoy Nagano in Winter

A Pageant of  Forests and Light

Wrapped in the still cold, the sun sets early and the nights are long during the winter in Nagano.

The Snow Monkeys

At the top of most international visitors' list of must-see destinations in Nagano is Jigokudani Yaen Koen. Here you can meet the adorable Japanese macaques, or "snow monkeys," who keep themselves warm in the severe cold with the help of hot springs.

The Frozen Art of the Shirakawa Ice Pillars

Have you heard of the Shirakawa Ice Pillars, a fantastic natural formation only found during winter? The beautiful sight of the glistening falls, frozen as if time itself had stopped, will take your breath away.

Snow Monsters

A scene only viewable in winter. Rime-covered trees, often known as "snow monsters," can only be seen in a few select places with the right conditions. In Nagano, there are several areas where you can see this precious winter phenomenon.

Unique Winter Events

in Nagano

Unique evening events surrounded by still, wintery landscapes can be found in various places throughout Nagano.

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Become one with the wind, dance in the great blue sky and gaze over the Japan Alps.
In Nagano Prefecture, you can enjoy these fantastic landscapes, which change appearance from season to season, from high in the sky.

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